A wig for me, How things are going after 2nd round of Chemo

Now that I have had round two of chemo with the Neulasta I await blood work on the 14th to see if it works. My general practitioner was not in the office today so I will be calling again at 8:30 am to get them to work me in to get something to control the blood sugar levels. It was 330 when I woke up this morning- fasting. Couldn’t get it under 268 at all today. But tomorrow is a new day and I am confident she can give me something to get this under control. Seems like each medicine creates a side effect that needs a new medicine to control the side effect. My pharmacy merry go round.

Regarding hair, we went wig shopping this weekend. OMG! I could not believe what these things cost. For fake hair. Not even real hair. $300! I must keep it away from extreme heat of flames of it will melt. However, here are the no wig and the wig photos.

My husband insisted it didn’t matter how much it cost. Bless his heart he loves me so. I am grateful to the Lord for him. I do have to admit the wig looks like my hair did when I  would fight to straighten it so its not fake looking. I will wear a cap to cook or be around flammable items. I sure don’t want to damage this expensive thing.

I feel less nausea this time around thank goodness. The Neulasta and steroids are causing more bone pain. Give a little, get a little. But, based on the last round, I expect to be on the upswing by next Monday. I think I should be feeling decent for Thanksgiving at least and I have a beautiful wig to wear for photos. Compliments of my hunny.


  1. Praying for you and Shane. I think you look beautiful with and without the wig. You are just a beautiful person with a big heart and I’m glad to have gotten know you. Keep your chin up …you got this!

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