Bio & Mission



I want everyone to realize there is nothing a person does wrong to get breast cancer. I am a wife, I have raised six children (well number six is 16 so he is almost raised). I am a normal person just like you, your mother, daughter, sister or best friend.

At the age of 44 I was given the news- I had breast cancer. It is scary, it is sad, and it is a fight for my life. I am NOT ready to go. There is so much to do.  This is not supposed to happen to me. I am just getting life figured out. This is the kind of thing that happens to other people. You say a prayer, donate money and continue living your life… Not any more.

My aim is to help others realize what is happening to them, share my experiences. Also, try to explain what I learn along my journey.

I hope the information is helpful to someone.


  1. We are always here for you. You have always been strong even when you we’re a little girl. You will make it though this. Prayers and love from family and friends will help you.💟💟


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