2nd Round Blood Work Visit

November 14, 2018,  I return to my oncologist for follow-up blood work from my second round of chemo.  I saw Jeffery again this visit. My white blood cells are low, but thanks to the Neulasta they aren’t as dangerous low as the first round.  I will return in one week to check the counts again just to be safe. But, there are none of the restrictions I had with the .1 count after my first round. Just common sense precautions like avoid sick people.

We discussed my bone pain. I explained I had three hours of sleep the night before. The way I got those three hours was by sleeping in a tub of hot water. Each time it cooled down I would wake up and drain some then add more hot and doze back off. I told them I know they don’t like using pain pills but I cannot survive this way. He called in Tramadol for me and said call them if that doesn’t work and he will call in something stronger.


We also discussed the yeast infection while discussing what we hoped by next week would not be a need for that super strong antibiotic. He called in a pill that he says is generally a one and done. You take the one pill and it goes away. He said sadly its very common in women who have to take that antibiotic to have this end result.

We discussed by blood sugar and the steroids effects on it. He said on my next round of chemo he will be lowering the steroid dose. Since I haven’t been drastically sick vomiting he thinks I may be ok with the lower dose and perhaps have less side effects on my body.

My taste buds seem to be hit harder this time. Nothing has had a taste to it since Monday. I hope this goes away. For nothing to have a taste is pretty depressing. HE reviewed my emergency room visit file and said its possible I was dehydrated because part of our fluid comes from eating food. Which of course I haven’t done a lot of. So even though I drink water constantly I have to increase that fluid intake. I feel like I urinate constantly now. I;m going to float away!

When I left his office in Macon, I went straight to Walgreen’s in Gray for the prescriptions. As usual they were not ready. I waited my 20 minutes, beating myself up for not already changing my pharmacy, then received my glorious medications. I was so ready to be out of pain. The Tramadol worked wonders. As soon as it kicked in I passed out asleep. Exhaustion doesn’t begin to cover how I was feeling. Blessed sleep! Yes Lord, thank you!


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