Pre-Op 09/19

Today I went to the Coliseum Hospital for all my pre-op blood work and tests. Tomorrow is the surgery and I am really getting nervous.

The lady who performed my EKG was a breast cancer survivor. She was awesome, just talking to me about it and what she had been through. Then she shocked me. She pulled up her shirt and showed me her reconstructive surgery. She said “See honey, you will get new ones and thy will be perky so no depression you here?”
OMG I wish I had that kind of courage. No, I don’t think she was out of line. Of course we breast cancer ladies wonder what are we going to look like? Will they look real? Will they suite me? This selfless woman answered those questions and many more.

I am learning that breast cancer survivors are caring and giving beyond my imagination. Nothing is too much is it helps the next woman. This woman was not the first to bluntly let me see what I was looking towards. I do not know how God has chosen the angels He has placed in my path, but He has chosen very well. These awesome ladies have given me the courage to share with YOU!

As of 4:30 pm the hospital is still trying to get clearance from insurance for my surgery. Insurance has been one of my biggest headaches.

At 5 pm I get the call to be at the hospital at 7 am tomorrow.


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