New Blood Tests. I got a B :)

November 2, 2018

Today I had an appointment with Dr. Cheryl Jones and to do follow up blood tests following last week’s dismal results. Well, drum roll….. My while blood cell counts are back in the normal range. Its on the low end but its GREAT news. I still do not need to expose myself to someone sick knowingly since I have chemo again next week. But I do not have to continue hiding out for now. It all begins again next Friday. But for today I am feeling on top of the world. Go me! I was so very afraid the count would not be up.

I discussed the bone pain following chemo last time. She still will not prescribe pain pills to make it through the 3 days of worst pain. She did say she was going to alter the steroids given before and after chemo to see if that might help some. Sigh… Good news then bad news. But, I’m too happy right now to be brought down.

She said she was surprised I still had hair. I told her it was falling out. But that I had did a lot of research on how to keep it longer. I cut it shorter, no blow drying, no straightener, no curling iron and only washing once per week. I’m not sure how much more time this will buy me but I’m trying to stretch it for all I am worth.

She laughed at me and my husband because he said I got a passing report card. I firmly believe laughter is a great medicine so. Lets just laugh away!!!

GOD IS GREAT! I thank all of you who have had me in my prayers. You cannot imagine how thankful I am.


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