The Wedding

August 18 and my baby is getting married. No time for cancer today. I have only told a few of my very closest friends and select family members. I have also told them I do not want to discuss it today. This is her special day and I don’t want a large part of it spent discussing my cancer. There is so much to do! I have to take my doggy baby to the vet for boarding, decorate, manage to get dressed and then be her maid of honor. I am so honored she asked me. I’m just so proud of the young woman she has become.

40232940_10160845603705626_1370111816012660736_oIt was a beautiful ceremony even if the rain tried to tear the reception tent down. The judge officiating was even in there trying to hold it down. We have awesome friends who helped put everything back right after the storm came through and we were only thirty minutes late getting started.

Things were so rushed I only had time to pull my hair back after a VERY fast shower so I was a hot mess. But that’s fine, SHE was gorgeous. Proud Mom here, I make pretty kids.

It was actually a relief to be to busy to even think about cancer. There was no time. I’m not sure any thought not wedding related crossed my mind at all. Reality will come back, but for today I am enjoying family and friends and the joy of my baby girl.

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