Surgeon Appointment 8/27

I went back to see my surgeon today. Of course I am undressed from the waist up and in a gown. I am starting to get used to this. Boy was I in for a shock. He walks in the room, and says “So, Dr. X called and said you have decided to have a lumpectomy. SAY WHAT?! If you read my previous post you know I told her when I left I had not made any decision and needed to think about it and read the materials. I told my surgeon this. He looked very shocked. I told him I wanted to be referred to another oncologist. It was no longer about a second opinion. I now felt my trust had been betrayed trying to make a life decision for me that I was clear that I had not made yet.

We discussed my upcoming vacation and he urged me to take it telling me it would be some time after treatment began before I felt up to something like that.

He said he would set me up with a new oncologist and asked if I had any particular one in mind. I did indeed. I had done my research and found one very highly regarded in my area and covered by my insurance to boot.

Not a wasted visit since I think we are moving forward.

My surgeon: Dr. Thomas Woodyard, MD is a general surgery specialist in Macon, GA and has been practicing for 28 years. He specializes in general surgery. His office handles a LOT of breast cancer patients. He instill trust and confidence in my experience. I highly recommend him.

dr woodyard


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