November 7 Blood-work Check and a New Side Effect

November 7, 2018

My weight is still steady. I don’t really understand it. I eat a quarter of what I used to and haven’t lost a pound. The only positive part of chemotherapy in my mind had been that I might actually lose a little weight since nothing I have done in three years worked. Nope, not me. My fat is so stubborn even chemo can’t get rid of it.

The blood-work shows white blood count as down, but not dangerous, I am still anemic but its better than before. MY potassium is back in the normal range. In all, I am happy with the results as I have had much worse. Plus I can stop taking the potassium pill. That thing is over an inch wide!

The bad news is I have thrush. Apparently this is common in chemo patients. This explains my dry mouth. Oral thrush (candidiasis), is a type of yeast-like fungus that lives in the gastrointestinal tract. Most people have it in their oral cavity (mouth and throat), where is usually doesn’t cause any problems. But certain conditions, such as a weakened immune system, allow for more rapid growth. The symptoms of oral thrush include a white coating and red inflamed areas in the mouth and throat.  It can grow down your esophagus and cause more problems if left untreated. It is not contagious to people without immune or health issues so my husband is safe. So now my pharmacy gets a new pill.


I was cautioned to remember these treatments are cumulative so my next one will be worse on my body. But, my next one is my last one as long as things go well so I will power through it, or whine through it. Who knows at this point. Regardless, I will get through it.

My next treatment will be on Christmas Eve. Since the day after treatment isn’t usually too bad this will allow me to enjoy Christmas with my family. Now to just manage to get my house clean by Christmas!!

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