Birthday and Christmas Spirit Despite Cancer

December 11

Today I turn 45. I may be in treatment for cancer but by the grace of God I am still here. Like most adults I work on my birthday. However, I do leave work early. For once it isn’t for a doctor’s appointment.

Today is the Christmas parade in my town. We have a night time lighted parade. I absolutely love the Christmas season and we have a float entry for the parade. I go home early to work on putting it together. Even though I tire easy I am determined to get it done. I have told my family this is the birthday present I want. Help me get this completed. My husband left work early as well to help me and some of my children helped as well. It turned out beautiful!! 

By the time I got home I was dragging so hard and could barely force myself to keep moving. I had the time of my life though. Hearing all those little kids yelling hey Charlie Brown and waving like they had met a movie star. It was so precious. If you loose your Christmas spirit just take a moment to view it from the eyes of a child. And it is contagious. You can hear adults starting to get in on the act yelling Merry Christmas as they wave and hold their kids up to see the floats better.

Our float didn’t place in the judging but it seemed to be a crowd favorite and that was good enough for me! A wonderful way to spend my birthday.

Tonight, I am tired like I haven’t been in a while, but I go to bed with a huge smile on my face because I had a part in bringing that happiness to so many little ones tonight. I’ll share a few photos as I wish you each an early Merry Christmas. Remember, Jesus is the reason and find a way to share that spirit with others.

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