Back to the Surgeon 9/17

Today I see Dr. Woodyard again. Its time for my decision and to start moving forward to get this out of my body. When it was found in the mammogram it measure .8 cm. At the MRI it was 1.1 cm. If it goes past 2 cm I will no longer be in stage 1 cancer.  I am ready.

I wont lie, I am terrified. I discussed my decision with my family. I loved my 16 year old son’s response. He said, so if they cut off your boob you most likely won’t get it again and you will be sad and sore for a while but still here right? I said yes. He said but if they just cut it out of your boob there is a bigger chance it comes back and you have to have your boob cut off anyway? I said yes. He said, you matter more than a boob mom. Just take it off. He is so cut and dry. I love this kid.

I tell Dr. Woodyard I desire a double mastectomy. He understands and supports my decision. He said would this Thursday be too soon. I was a little shocked but said yes I think I would manage that. He asked if I had seen the plastic surgeon yet about reconstruction and I told him that was scheduled for tomorrow. He said good because it helps if they can get prior photos and measurements. I hadn’t even though of that! I am glad its scheduled for tomorrow!!

He tells me at the time of the surgery, he will install a port for my chemotherapy. It will go under the skin on the right side of my chest and run into a large vein in my neck. No I.V. will be required at each chemo session. It will also be able to be used to draw blood if needed or any other medications needed to be given.  I will also be in the hospital overnight and if all goes well I can go home the next day. YES, I hate staying in hospitals- but doesn’t everyone kind of fell that way?

He recommends doing the first breast – the traitor breast as I call it- now and the second at reconstruction. I’m not sure it makes a difference but ok, I trust him. He takes me out to the girl who sets up the schedule and she schedules me for preop and the actual surgery.



  1. Your son’s reply was just too much 😢😢. You are so strong and I will continue to pray for you’re healing. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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