Unplanned Oncologist Visit, Infected Chemo Rash

December 14

My oncologist worked me in today because I suspected there was infection resulting from my chemo rash. I get chemo rash every time I have treatment. It usually goes away after about 4 or 5 days. And it did this time everywhere except under my right armpit.

When I have the rash I cannot wear deodorant and its very itchy and uncomfortable. I would compare it to when chicken pox are in the process of drying up.

Sure enough it is infected. She said its pretty common as a result of chemo and chemo rash. My body has formed carbuncles under my armpit.  Carbuncles are groups of furuncles that join together under the skin. They affect the deeper layers, and they can lead to scarring. A carbuncle is less common than a furuncle, or boil. It is a collection of boils on one site. It is larger than a single boil, measuring up to 4 inches across. A carbuncle usually has one or more openings that drain pus onto the skin.  Mine is over 4 centimeters she said.

I was prescribed very strong antibiotics and she feels it should be clearing up by Monday. If it is not she will send me to my surgeon to lance it open and clean out all infection in a sterile environment. My body’s inability to fight off germs and infections is a contributing factor to my chemo rash morphing into this. Its very painful. It feels like I have road rash under my arm.

I wonder what new wonder side effect awaits me next? 

These are example photos. Not actual photos of mine. Where mine is under my armpit almost to my back I cannot manage to maneuver the phone to get a photo. Movement is too painful like that right now.



  1. I’m so sorry you are having to deal with this. It’s bad enough to have to deal with the cancer. Sending you love and hugs and praying for relief from the pain.

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