09/20 The Day The Breast Was Taken

Its surgery day. My 16 year old will be staying home from school. How could I make him go? He is worried too. As a family we drive to the hospital. Thankfully, even though I cannot eat I am allowed water. WOOHOO! And that is not sarcastic, how people can go to a hospital for surgery and never even get something to drink is beyond me.

We arrive and check in at the day surgery center. I will be staying over night but this is where they will actually do the surgery. They take me back to get undressed. I KNEW I should have bought me a personalized hospital gown!

They insert an I.V., this took multiple attempts as my vein blew out on the first two tries. I have never had that happen before.

Once I am settled in bed my family comes to see me before surgery. I am truly blessed. two of my sons, my husband, my grandfather and his girlfriend, and my godmother and her husband were all there to lend their comfort and support. I can never explain how much that meant to me.

Ok, it’s time, they are wheeling me back to anesthesiology. I meet them and they tell me about the wonderful cocktails going into my I.V. to be sure I feel nothing and remember nothing. I remember my surgeon stopping by. And then…. nothing. Those guys were serious. I don’t even remember them putting it in the I.V.

I wish I could tell you about post-op, but I have zero memory of it. The first memory I have is being in a hospital room and my husband being there saying “Baby, I love you” Absolutely nothing in between. GREAT anesthesiologists huh?

I remember some friends and family stopping by, but it really was a blur for most of the day and afternoon. GREAT DRUGS. lol I was kept mostly pain free.

My midnight shift nurse was an ANGEL. I have sent my praises about her to the hospital. That woman needs double her pay, she was worth it!

My day shift nurse the next morning…. not so much. But I will not focus on the negative at this time.



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