2nd Round of Chemo Nov 9

At least I know what to expect today so I am not as nervous as the first session. My appointment is for 10:30 am. I know I will sign in, then be taken back for weight, blood pressure, temperature and blood work. They will access my port before the blood work so one stick and done for today. Everything else will go through that port line. As someone with a huge fear of needles that one relief. After that I sit in a second waiting room to see the doctor. 

We discuss my lab work. My white blood cell count is good for me to go on with the chemo. I will be getting the Neulasta this time around due to the huge drop in my whit blood cell count last time. Insurance can not longer say it is unnecessary for me. One small battle won.  Bad news, the steroids they have me take are boosting my blood sugar levels way too high. I have to call my general practitioner and discuss being put on Metformin to lower the blood sugar for the duration of my treatment. Cancer is determined to give me additional medical issues!! It feels like trying to plug a dam with bubble gum on some days. Take this to fix this- BUT it created a new problem so now take this too. I am becoming a walking pharmacy.

Doctor consult complete its off to the therapy room. I get comfy in my lounge chair. I have my book, phone and tablet to settle in for the long haul. Through injection of my port I receive my nausea medication, steroids, and two different chemo medications. This time around I finish at 4 pm. It was not as crowded today so it was more relaxed feeling. The Neulasta is installed on my right arm to self inject 27 hours later. There was a small prick when it attached, nothing bad and no pain after it was attached. I sure hope this works. Dangerously low white blood cell counts are terrifying.

My sweet mother in law was my ride to and from this time so we head to her house to await my husband getting off work and we will have dinner before the feeling bad starts this weekend. 

Thanks for all your continued prayers. Please comment any questions you have, I am more than happy to answer them, I wish I had found a source before mine started so I had no felt as lost and hope this helps someone else.

This is the Neulasta that was attached. – When it self injected it beeped to let me know it wad time. I was scared it would hurt but I didn’t feel a thing. It takes about 45 minutes to complete the injection. It went smooth as butter.



  1. So glad your white cell count was up. Hopefully, the blood sugar issue will get under control. I hope and pray you have an easier time this weekend due to the Neulasta. Love and hugs to you.

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