Thanksgiving and remembering to be strong. Cancer will not win!


In the U.S. today is Thanksgiving. As I sit here having a cup of coffee I reflect on what I am thankful for. When you have cancer, sometimes it is easy to forget to be thankful. Things become overwhelming and you dwell on the bad.

I am thankful for the support I have from family and fiends. I could not do this alone. I am thankful for the impact my Granny had in my life before she passed. I watched her beat cancer many times through the years and her strength and grace are what I hope to emulate. I am thankful for my husband who is my rock, many men could not or would not step up as he has. I am thankful for all of my children and very proud of how they are dealing with my illness.

No matter how down I may feel on some days, there are little things that remind me I am not alone and I CAN do this. I have had friends and family and even a few strangers send me small gifts like head wraps or lotion or cards that perk my spirits at just the right times. God has brought each into me life for a reason. And most importantly I am thankful to God because through him all is possible.

Many people have asked me “How are you so strong?” “How are you handling it so well?” The simple answer is faith. I will come through this. I still have a sixteen year old son to raise. I am only 44. I have many years of life left to live. I am a stubborn woman. This is a strength at this time.


I pray daily, not only for me, but for others with cancer and their families as well as mine. I continue to try to give back to my community. No matter how bad I may have it there are those who have it worse. Giving back makes you feel so good inside. That is because it is what God would like us all to do.

Please, on this Thanksgiving, hug your family. Share your love. Remember they are your strength. Then don’t forget to thank God for giving them to you.


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