Balding Head -Wasn’t Ready

I now have to wear a head cover. I tried a wig I bought online. Apparently that was NOT a good idea. It’s too large for my head. Every time I move my head it shifts and falls. In addition, I have had Halloween wigs that looked more lifelike than this wig. That’s what I get for trying to save a buck. Hopefully, after tomorrow’s chemo treatment I will feel up to shopping for a wig this weekend.

I have tried to keep my sense of humor about it. It hasn’t been easy. There were a few tears shed in front of the bathroom mirror while I was alone. Last night, as I headed to bed I told my husband, “Now if you look over in the dim light in the middle of the night remember that is your wife there, not the Crypt Keeper. He didn’t think I was funny. I am not completely bald yet. There a some crazy wisps of hair still. Just not enough to walk around in public because there are big bald patches.

crypt keeper

Today, I wore his Harley rag he uses when riding his motorcycle. I wish I knew where to buy these in solid primary colors without skulls or the Harley logo. I think my boss would appreciate it more. I work in an office. Office attire, sporting a Harley doo rag.

Here is a progression of the head since I posted a week ago that it had begun to fall out. Ladies, when you have a bad hair day this month, just remember I am envying you right now. But I am still smiling.




  1. You look beautiful no matter what. Your heart and soul is what everyone sees in you. Your passion for the love you give to your family and friends is so amazing. Our love and prayers are always with you. We hope chem tomorrow goes well. If u need us,give us a call. 💟💟

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  2. Michelle you look beautiful!!!Lipstick and dangley(sp) earrings, a (silk) scarf or the doo rags, you are rocking that look! Lifting you up in prayers!!!

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