Physical Therapy

October 8, 1, 15 & 18 of 2018excerise 2

Due to being too careful with my arm I now require physical therapy to get my range of motion back. There will be four visits plus twice a day HOMEWORK. Dang you get cancer and homework. Life really isn’t fair. Talking with my therapist I learned the same exercises she has me doing could have been done when I was sent home from the hospital and saved me all of this pain. These exercises will not cause you to get lymphodema, per the therapist. I’m not a doctor so be sure to ask YOURS!

I will tell you if you wait until your soft tissue and muscles are stove up it is agony. Try to do the exercises when you complete surgery… unless your doctor says not to. I am going to post photos of my twice daily torture. During physical therapy there is some massaging involved. I thought “Hey, that might feel good” WRONG! It hurts. Take care of yourself and avoid this is at all possible.

excercise 1 excercise 3

excercise 4

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