Using magnetic therapy for Neuropathy


March 11, 2019

As you have read I have suffered from neuropathy in my fingers and toes. After much reading trying to find relief I discovered research that magnetic therapy has been found to assist with making it go away. I have since been going to GRiswold Chiropractic as they have a Beemer machine. The results are wonderful. Its not 100% gone yet but I felt results after the first treatment and it gets a little better with each treatment.

The FDA doesn’t allow any advertising saying the Beemer fixed any medical problem. But I am here to tell you it has been a life saver for me. We cancer survivors can get desperate. This is noninvasive, non-painful and it works! The only thing you have to do is drink plenty of water after your session. No problem!!! 🙂

One study, recently completed at a medical college in New York, involved patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy wearing magnetic foot pads. These patients noted a significant decrease in the numbness and tingling they typically experience. The study concluded that approximately 80% of people with peripheral neuropathy could benefit from magnetic therapy. Furthermore, the therapy could be used to treat other forms of chronic pain as well.


My fellow chemo treatment folks should give this a try! Let me know how it works out for you. My research has found this machine can assist with other ailments as well. Don’t let big pharma cheat you out of your relief!!!

For those of you in the middle Georgia area, here is the information on where I am getting the sessions. 

Griswold Chiropractic

111 Atlanta Rd. Gray, GA 31032







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