November 30 and another Chemo treatment


November 30, 2018. Today is chemo day. Again… Just when you start to feel a little energy and like a normal human being its time to go screw it up again. But its better to beat it now than to get it again and start all over.

My blood work today came back with very low potassium levels and vitamin D. This means more pills for me to take, She said the low potassium contributes to my tiredness.  It feels like every time we fix one side effect or blood problem another pops up into its place.

I want to thank my mother in law for driving me to my appointments so my husband can stay at work. She is such a sweetie. She even brings me lunch during my treatments so I don’t starve. A treatment is an all day affair so this is a Godsend.  Although I no longer eat a lot, waiting too long to eat makes me nauseous and that’s not good.

Sitting for a chemo treatment sounds pretty simple. But in reality its long and exhausting. I forgot to put the numbing cream on my port in the rush to get my child to school before my mother in law arrived to take me for my treatments. Let me tell you, I will not make that mistake again. That area is so sensitive I thought I was going to come out of the chair when the poor man inserted the needle and tubing. But, done is done. Its stung for about an hour and The flush of chemicals into it stung as well.  But, I will count my blessings because it is still better than a pic line.

If you know someone going through cancer treatment of any type. Say a prayer for them. Send them a positive text or Facebook message. It takes a lot out of you emotionally to sit in that big room with all those people getting treatment. Many look so close to death it terrifies you. They need the positive feedback.

As promised I was given a prescription for pain medication this time. I also left with the on-board Neulasta to help with my white blood cell production.  My next treatment is scheduled for Christmas Eve. If everything goes well my next treatment will be my last chemo round. Say a prayer because I sure am. 


  1. We are keeping up with your posts and are keeping you in our prayers. Terry did the chemo pills, the immunotherapy, but it’s growing still. Back to Emory next week to see what’s next. We’ll be lifting you up that the next treatment will go ok and will be your last.

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