Give back project follow up and making extra money


I took the chemo patient goodie bags I have been accumulating while at my visit for blood work. I had manged to get almost 30 bags together. I hope they bring a smile to the face of the ones who receive them. It actually felt good to be doing something for others again. Even if it was something small like this.

In addition, thanks to a friend I have found a cool way to earn a little extra money. And it doesn’t cost a dime! There is an app that is paying for referrals. Basically they are paying you to do their advertising. It’s a cash back app so it helps you earn cash back on local purchases as well as online purchases. My friend has earned over $500 with it. I was hesitant and did a lot of research first so I am just getting started.

Anyone can do it. If you are interested in checking it out follow the link. It walks you through the set up. You must link a bank card, credit card or pay pal to activate. That earns you an automatic $5. Doss is currently the #1 cash back app according to Apple.

That is my link above. Its basically free money. It only costs a little time to tell your friends about it and share the link.

Here are some screenshots of earnings, hers are much higher than mine as she started first.




  1. I received a “Michelle Goodie Bag” today. Thank you so much. It is super sweet of you to bless others while going through your own journey. I will be praying for you as well. Thank you again and God Bless You!

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