10/16 Back to the Oncologist

October 16, 2018. 10:50 am. Its time to go see Dr. Jones and find out what my chemotherapy treatment will be.

She has a good news bad news situation for me. I will do four chemo treatments, as it was removed before the size changed it to a Stage II. The bad part, I guess, is I will take two chemo medications at each of the four infusions. I should expect my hair to be falling out about day 21. They offer a cold cap treatment that might lesson hair loss or prolong it, but it requires an additional two hours added to each treatment. If it was a guarantee it would save my hair, sure. But on a chance…. I would rather not spend an extra two hours each time hooked up to machines.

I have come to terms with my hair loss. I won’t like it but I will overcome it. At that time all the Halloween stuff will be on clearance. Nothing says my wigs have to be normal. I think I will  try to have some fun with this. How about a blue mo-hawk? Or a pink afro? Or rainbow hair. So, yeah, that’s a no to the cold cap from me.

She sets the appointment for my first treatment for this Friday at 11:00 am. They told me treatment will take at least three hours and to be sure to eat well before I come.


Scalp hypothermia is cooling the scalp with ice packs or cooling caps (cold caps) for a period of time before, during, and after each chemotherapy (chemo) treatment to try to prevent or reduce hair loss.



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