The Ultrasound


My ultrasound was on a Friday. I had convinced myself I had nothing to worry about so I was not nervous. I had ultrasounds of my stomach when pregnant to see the baby. I knew it was not painful. I always found it pretty cool to be able to “view” inside of me in real time so I was very relaxed.

I get to the facility, am taken back to remove my shirt and bra and get into the very fine garment they provide- the hospital gown. Once I was all dressed up I was taken across the hall for the ultrasound.

Things have come a long way! The gel used wasn’t cold as it was many years ago with pregnancy ultrasounds. They keep it warmed now. That was a nice surprise.

The technician begins on my left breast in the area the mammogram indicated. About the 2 o’clock position. She starts “screen-shooting” the images and using an on screen measurement tool. She also does the remainder of the breast to be sure there was nothing else to see.

She tells me she sees a mass about 1cm in size. She is going to have the radiologist to take a look so just hang tight. Well ok, I’m not dressed appropriately for anywhere else so I’ll be right here. And out the door she goes. I lay there for about ten or fifteen minutes. I’m still expecting her to come back and say it was nothing. Cancer just isn’t going to happen to me.

The door opens and she comes back in the room with the radiologist in tow. He tells me the mass may really be cancer. Then he starts scolding me for not doing mammograms yearly as I should have been. I am hearing a roaring in my ears. Did this man just say this could really be cancer?

I focus, he is now saying that the mass needs to be biopsied to be certain is its cancer or benign. He tells me they can do it here at their facility. Honestly, at this point I am a little pissed off at the fact he walked in, said you might have cancer, and then started berating me like a small child for not having yearly mammograms. I felt it was insensitive. The thought in my mind was no way buddy. I’ll have my biopsy somewhere else where they will hopefully be sensitive to the fact this is a scary issue.

I told him I will let me doctor schedule to biopsy to be sure not to cause any insurance issues. Thank you and have a good day.

Before I managed to drive all the way back to work my doctor’s office was calling me. We discussed it and a local surgeon’s office was chosen to do the biopsy. The reasoning was is it needed to be removed, even if it was benign then he was a breast surgeon and the best to remove it so it was best for him to do the biopsy as well




Breast Ultrasound:

Breast ultrasound is an imaging test that uses sound waves to look at the inside of your breasts.


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