Year later mammogram on remaining breast

This week I had my one year diagnostic mammogram to verify no cancer in my remaining breast. The mammogram was on Monday and they told me they would call me with the results by Wednesday. Today being Thursday and having been tense and worried all week I called them. Of course I had to leave a message. Thank goodness they did call me back by the end of the day.

It came back NORMAL! Thank you Lord! This did however really make me want that remaining breast removed. I do not want to ever go through it again and that’s the only way to assure no breast cancer. Now, I just need to get insurance on board and face up to another surgery. Its coming, just not sure when yet.

It is almost 7 months since my final chemo. An update on how things are going. I still do not have my normal stamina and strength, but it is slowly getting better. My hair never started growing again in my armpits- and hey I am not complaining about it. LOL Leg hair did grow back but not heavily. My nails are still brittle and weak but they are growing and looking healthier again.

My blood sugar has remained high and still have to take insulin. The doctor tells me once something makes you diabetic you are pretty much stuck with it for the rest of your life. WHAT! Now that is insult to injury. The insulin and metformin keep my levels in a safe range though.

Now, the hair on my head. It is growing. Not as fast as I hoped. Its currently at a stage that there is no hair style that can be done with it. No matter how I brush it my head looks like someone needs to give me a brush. I have learned to live with it. Sometimes it perturbs me, but I no longer let it make me sad.

I have an appointment with my surgeon in August as a follow up. Until then there probably isn’t much to report.

Thanks to everyone for your good wishes and prayers and remember I encourage sharing my blog with friends and family in hopes that some of what I learned might help someone else.


  1. That is wonderful news. Joe and I need to come out for a visit and take y’all out to eat. Don’t worry about your hair, remember everything just takes time. We pray for you everyday. Have a great day. Take care and always remember that you are in my heart and I love you so much. ❤️❤️😘

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