09/21 Going Home Today

Surgery is complete. I looked in the mirror in the bathroom at the hospital. I wanted so bad to cry. But, I will not. I will be brave for my husband who has held my hand and told me I am beautiful even though I know good and well I look like hammered crap. I also know I look like half a woman with only one breast.

My new nurse doesn’t respond to calls for pain meds. The surgeon was by about 6:30 am and removed the bandage to look at the incision. That made it start hurting a lot. At 9 am still not pain meds. If I snap will they send me to jail? Lord please give me strength.

Kim, my nurse navigator comes by to be sure I know how to take care of my drain when I get home and to make sure I received the camisoles to hold the drain. She goes over some dos and don’ts for when I get home. Honestly, being in pain a lot of it was blah blah blah. No comprehension at all.

Kim seemed to get frustrated with my day shift nurse as well. She asked for bandages and such and the woman seemed to be lost.

At least I can go home and sleep in my bed. Lets blow this joint! I am ready to start getting better. Kind of optimistic aren’t I? (sometimes)

Here is a photo of the dreaded drain. That thing is so uncomfortable.

output (2)

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