After Chemo – 2 weeks out

It has been 2 weeks and 2 days since my first chemo treatment. I finally feel better. Not quite at my normal energy level. Food taste is still an issue, but no nausea.

The hair on the other hand… I took my truck for an oil change yesterday. The waiting room was standing room only and there were people hacking, coughing and sniffling so I went outside to wait. The sunshine felt good. Then the wind started blowing. It looked like I was a dandelion and someone had just made a wish. Hair was just blowing away in the breeze. If I committed a crime there would be DNA everywhere!


I knew it was going to fall out. I though I was prepared. I was wrong. Every clump that comes out is a small blow. I will continue to be strong. It just hurts so bad on the inside. I only have one breast, I have chemo rash, and now I have to be bald. There are just some days that it feels like you can’t keep putting on the brave strong face.

My husband was telling me about a class action lawsuit he saw on t.v. where women were given one of the chemo medications I am being given and their hair never grew back. THAT is my nightmare, the big fear. I can only trust my doctor about what chemo drug is given. I know she is good, I researched her thoroughly.

I still haven’t found an insurance solution for 2019. I haven’t given up searching either. I have two months and I am gonna keep looking until I am out of time.

On the bright side, we lit a bonfire yesterday and some of my wonderful friends came by. I am trying to socialize while I can because next Friday the process begins all over again. Also, on my give back project, my Godmother brought by several bags of supplies for me to make more chemo support bags. That made my day!

Thank you to all of my readers for your interest, comments and support. Please keep sharing my blog. I have had a few women contact me. It has been helpful to some who said they were ready to give up. Then they read a tip in the blog that helped. So please share. We never know who may benefit from it.

Love you guys!!!

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  1. Michelle, we are following your posts and we are keeping you in our prayers. I’ve heard that Dr Jones is a wonderful doctor but always remember that God is the Great Physician and Healer. We share your feelings as we go through the treatments Terry’s getting for his liver cancer . His chemo quit working so now he’s taking immunotherapy called Opdivo. It was just recently approved for his cancer. Tuesday will make his 6th treatment. Thanks for the tip about the plastic utensils. He’s been having similar problems with taste. We’re going to try using plastic. We will continue to lift you up in prayer.

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    1. Robin, I had not heard about Terry! I am so very sorry and will keep him in my prayers. Pickles work wonders. Eat at least one small dill pickle 5 minutes before his meal. Plastic utensils are a must! You can use metal to cook or cut with but not to put in the mouth. Yuck! Sour candies settle the stomach and help with regular food tastes. I have noticed sweets don’t taste very good and many carbs taste like cardboard. Please any tricks you have learned- share them with us. Do you mind me asking what doctor he is using? God is great and as long as we put our faith there I believe we will come out for the better!


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