The Mammogram

July 2018, my primary physician sent me for a mammogram. No big deal. I had been through this before. Good news to all of you ladies who put it off because they are painful! They have made some changes. Although the still squish the breast, it is not as painful as it used to be. Uncomfortable, yes… just no real pain. Or maybe I had a really good operator? Either way, it was a much better experience than my previous mammogram which I had five years earlier.

Mistake number 1. I waited five years. I should have gotten them yearly as I was supposed to. I had a million excuses. Time, money, disliking the way they are done. But the bottom line is that they can pinpoint issues to help save your life.

I went to my appointment. I marveled at the fact is was more comfortable than preciously. I learned they now have 3D mammograms but did not opt for that on this visit. I was actually afraid my insurance wouldn’t cover it and didn’t want to come out of pocket.

Of course, when you have a mammogram, you have to wait for them to send the results to your doctor. However, I felt it was routine and left without a worry.



A mammogram is imaging that uses low-energy x-rays to examine the breast for diagnosis and screening. The goal  early detection of breast cancer, typically through detection of characteristic masses or microcalcifications.


In layman’s terms this means they will x-ray your breasts and note any lumps, or masses seen or suspected and alert your doctor.




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