Final Chemo

December 24, 2018 Christmas Eve and Final Chemo

Today is my last chemotherapy treatment. I requested it be moved from Friday to Monday so I would be able to enjoy Christmas. The day after chemo isn’t usually too bad for me. But by day three I am miserable and if I had stuck with the Friday schedule I would have been on pain killers and out of it all day on Christmas.

I looked pretty rough. I dressed for extreme comfort. My head was cold so I had the fuzzy cap. There were only about 15 people scheduled for Christmas Eve. I had to be there by 8 in the morning. They were pushing to go home early and I don’t blame them one bit. They make a big deal and bring you a sign they hang up for your final treatment. I was pretty excited. LAST ONE! Woohoo!

My platelets and white blood cell counts were in the low end of the spectrum but not too low to do the treatment. For once I was able to sleep through part of it because there were so few people there and I had one little area all to myself.

My husband picked me up from chemo, at 3:00, that’s the earliest I have ever been out of there! I felt liberated! I go back for blood-work on January 8 and we will discuss follow ups and testing to be sure no cancer remains.

We take my son to get his girl-friend her Christmas present. Yep we are nuts. Going to a mall on Christmas Eve! After that we take him to give it to her.

After that it is time to go to my grandfather’s for Christmas dinner and a fun game of Dirty Santa. I have really missed my family.  I haven’t seen most of them since about September. I have just been to tired to go to Macon and see everyone. So its safe to say I had a really good time.

I felt ok, I was a bit tired from sitting in one place for so long all day and had a tiny bit of nausea. But it was manageable. 

I will update soon on side effects from the final chemo. Merry Christmas to ALL!



  1. I hope you were able to enjoy Christmas Day with your family and friends and that the day after wasn’t as debililatating as it usually is. Sending you love and hugs.

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