A better week

October 28 – Nov 1

This has been a decent week. Nausea has been very minimal. Although I don’t eat a lot at once and there are many things I just cannot taste I have at more like a normal person this week. My energy levels have improved and I managed three full eight hour days at work. Next week is my next chemo treatment so I guess it all begins again.

My hair has begun to fall out. So far there are no bald spots, but I don’t think it will be more than two weeks before I will have to be wearing a wig. This is the hair that fell out on my pillow while I slept last night.


I am lucky to have such a great support group of friends and family. I cannot imagine going through this without them.  I am hoping for good blood work results tomorrow so I can plan a group visit at my home for the weekend before my next treatment.


Speaking of friends and family. My “adopted” son Aldo started a Go Fund Me on my behalf. I was ambivalent when I heard. I am used to being the one to help people. Not being on the receiving end. We adopt families at Christmas and organize fundraisers for the needy fairly often. I cannot ever remember being on this end of it… Then I opened the Go Fund Me he has started and read what he wrote about me. I cried like a baby. At this point it doesn’t matter what I figure out about my medical for 2019 or how much or little I am able to work to pay my bills. I am RICH. I am rich in people who love me and their love humbles me so much! I will share the link so you can read what he wrote. But be sure to get a Kleenex, I warn you.



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