9/26 Removing drain tube

September 26, 2018, it’s time to see my surgeon Dr. Woodyard again. Good news! He is removing my drain! Bad news… he is removing my drain. There is nothing given to deaden it or anything. He clips the stitches holding the drain in place and starts pulling it out of me. Thankfully he is quick because it does hurt a bit. But I am going home without it! That is awesome. I have so hated the thing.

He checks over my incisions and said everything looks good. I asked about the pain where the bulge is and that is when I learned I had been too careful with my arm. His office was setting up an appointment with me with a physical therapist to help stop the pain and get my range of motion back.¬† He did drain some out of my seroma. It gave me some relief but he said the pain wasn’t really coming from fluid building. I would have to work hard at therapy to stop it.

We also schedule another follow up appointment for check the healing

You can see the bulge under my arm that physical therapy will work on. And the bulge to the center of my chest is the seroma. I must admit it healing well. I just hate to look at it.


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