1 year and 4 months after last chemo…



Its been a long journey and I haven’t posted as I meant to. Surviving the day to day took over. I expected once it was over I would immediately be me again. Still hasn’t happened yet, and maybe it never will. But I am learning to live with and love the new me. I’m still the same inside. Perhaps a little more thankful.

Today I ran into someone in town I didn’t know had just recently went through breast cancer. I actually felt horrible that I had no idea, as I feel determined to help others go through this. By sharing my blog, by answering questions, or just listening to them vent when they don’t want to burden their family or caregivers. And when its someone in your small town you just wish you had known so you could be there if needed.

Updates on me. My white blood cell count is finally a little over 4. Finally in the normal range, even if on the absolute bottom end of it. With the COVID-19 scare I try to be extra careful. However, I don’t think God brought me through cancer to have me go out with a virus. Therefor, I live my best life still.

I still tire easily, and this may be the new normal for me. I an convinced chemo ages our body about 10 years. I do not have my “normal” strength and stamina. But I will not complain as I have come so VERY far since January 2019. I still suffer the rashes and see doctors for side effects on the regular. But, with their expertise I am learning to live with them and treat them as best as modern medicine can.

I finally have hair again and even had my fist haircut to shape it up. I’m over the moon about that. We don’t realize how much we define ourselves by our hair until its gone. But as with all, time heals and corrects. And it will continue to do so.

I will strive to do better on updates, for now its off to bed. The sandman is calling me.

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