What does cancer treatment cost and why I don’t think they have a cure


As I sit here waiting to leave for my 10:20 am chemo appointment I am thinking about why we don’t have a cure for this horrible disease. I am dreading the pain and sickness that will come all next week from the “treatment.

Do you as a layperson realize the money being made from cancer? And I am not talking about the doctors or tests. The pharmaceuticals are where the money is. These drug companies are charging outrageous amounts. What’s the price of a life? Just ask a drug company. They will sure let you know.

A round of chemo for me is over $28,000! That is ridiculous. Even factoring in research cost its highway robbery. When I get treatment there are about 50 other people getting treatment that same day. And that’s just one day of the week in one facility. Multiply that by 5. Then think how many facilities we have in Georgia alone. Then in the USA. Then in the world. 

No, they don’t want to give us a cure. They are getting filthy rich while people are getting very ill from treatment and many die. To prove my numbers, I am including a photo from the bill from my last treatment. Thankfully I have insurance. Sadly my insurance works on an 80/20 scale meaning they pay 80%.


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  1. Michelle,

    It is sickening the $$$$ big pharma and other are making off of these drugs!!!! It’s not even safe for cancer patients. The side effects are horrible and no getting around that for sure. I have researched cancer treatments and cancer research after my sister was diagnosed in 2015 and was absolutely floored at the info! There is so little research on childhood cancers and many many others!! It’s just unbelievable! I pray you will get thru these treatments with the least possible side effects and you continue to progress and whip cancer’s ASS! Rock it girl!

    Love and hugs,

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