A Time Out

I am still trying to decide how I want to proceed. a lumpectomy would be simplest but the chances of recurrence are pretty big. I do not think I could handle doing this again. That leaves a mastectomy. I am a woman. Its natural we hold a lot regards for our breasts and hair. We cannot help it.

I had previously paid for a Cuban cruise. My doctors are telling me to go. That I don’t have to rush that fast. Its a five day cruise so maybe it will help me step away and think. If I don’t go we lose the money. Ok, doctor says do it so I am. Cuba was closed to us in the 50’s and just in past 2 years opened back up as long as you follow certain guidelines. Its a once in a life time thing so Cuba here we come. (September 5-10)

The cruise was a VERY good thing. We met a couple on the boat. They were both retired nurses. The wife had a double mastectomy due to breast cancer. She offered to answer questions and share her experience. I think her opening up to me is a large part of the reason I have the courage to share this blog. It made such a difference.

Before this I had been treating the cancer like a dirty secret, as if I had done something wrong. That’s not the case. Hiding it, shoving it under the rug was denying myself human support. That’s harmful to your emotional health. We do not yet know what causes my type of cancer (triple negative) but maybe one day they will know and other’s will have better treatment or even a full blown cure.

For now I am going to share a few amazing photos of a beautiful place that I will never regret taking the time out to see.



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