Reconstruction Consult Coming

diep illistrate

Its been a little bit since I did an update. Covid-19 consumed my life just as it did many others I’m sure. But, Tuesday September 1 is my consult with the doctor at Emory in Atlanta to hopefully move forward with my reconstruction. My reconstruction of choice is DIEP Flap. Using my own body fat to build a breast instead of implants. Less change of rejection or recalls or them “falling down” in my body.

I previously explained DIEP in my blog. In simple terms they will take my belly fat which has veins providing blood flow to it and construct breasts with it on my chest attaching those veins to veins already in my chest so they will stay live tissue that will grow or shrink with me. The recovery is a little rough since they cut you from hipbone to hipbone. But I think in the end it will be worth it. I am going to be pushing to have it completed before they year end because I have pretty much met my deductible for this year.

If all goes well and I get along well with this doctor I may have two breasts again by New Year’s. I don’t know if my friends will know how to act without all the booby jokes. Laughter is always the best medicine.

Wish me luck, I will try to update and let you know how they appointment goes. The drawback is the appointment is at 8:10 am on a Tuesday in downtown Atlanta. I guess we will have to leave home about 5:30 am due to standstill rush hour traffic.


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