A give back project

I want to try to give back. I have had so many complete strangers open up to me about their cancer experiences. They have shared their advise on what they have learned may help get through it.

I want to make some chemo care packages to take on my next chemo treatment. I would like to take at minimum enough for each person who will be receiving chemo for the first time the next day that I go. Even better would be to have enough for everyone getting a treatment the day I go. The technician told me last time the average is 60 people a day.

A chemo care package is pretty inexpensive. It can be in a small bag or box. For my local readers, if you are willing to make one to help me with this, I am including a sample list below. Nothing has to be brand name. Store brands are fine. And if you think of an extra item you are welcome to include that at well. I will include a typed note of the things I found that helped me with chemo side effects. You can message me here or call Vaporized in Gray, Georgia if needed. Vaporized will be a drop off point. I will try to arrange additional drop of points if possible and update this is I do.

Chemo Care Package: (most all of it could be found at a local dollar store)

Lip balm/ Chap-stick

Travel size Tylenol- chemo patients are to avoid aspirin

Travel size Tums or other antacid tablet

Hand sanitizer

Wet wipes – such as baby wipes

Peppermint or sour candies

Snack size dill pickles


A card, puzzle book, letter or  magazine

Plastic forks

Protein bar

Triple antibiotic ointment


I will assemble a package and take a photo of it for here as soon as possible. For my readers who aren’t local, I encourage you to make one or two packages and drop them off at your local cancer center. It could really brighten someone’s day. And it’s not expensive to do.

For all who participate I thank you so VERY much in advance.

UPDATE: Here is a photo of the bag contents I  have assembled. I actually made 3 identical for under $30 by going to the Dollar Tree store here.




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