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Pre-Op 09/19

Today I went to the Coliseum Hospital for all my pre-op blood work and tests. Tomorrow is the surgery and I am really getting nervous. The lady who performed my EKG was a breast cancer survivor. She was awesome, just talking to me about it and what she had been through. Then she shocked me. […]

A Time Out

I am still trying to decide how I want to proceed. a lumpectomy would be simplest but the chances of recurrence are pretty big. I do not think I could handle doing this again. That leaves a mastectomy. I am a woman. Its natural we hold a lot regards for our breasts and hair. We […]

Life Decisions

Cancer comes with extra real life decisions. I am mommy to a 15-year-old fur baby who is the light of my life. Sampson has been the protector to my children. HE saved my oldest son’s life when my was 11. He was always better behaved, and minded better than the children. If he slipped up and […]

Nurse Navigator

Its time to meet my Nurse Navigator. This is a free service offered by the Coliseum Cancer Center in Macon, Georgia. This is a person who will bean  educator and advocate for me and my family throughout my cancer journey. My husband goes with me to this appointment because we both have questions. The first thing […]

The Wedding

August 18 and my baby is getting married. No time for cancer today. I have only told a few of my very closest friends and select family members. I have also told them I do not want to discuss it today. This is her special day and I don’t want a large part of it […]

The Results Are In

August 13, 2018 …. the day my world was rocked. The appointment for results. Nervous doesn’t begin to describe it. My closest friends have been praying with me since the 6th.  My daughter, Meagan, goes with me. Mrs. Ford, I am sorry, you have breast cancer. That is the only thing I processed. He talked […]

Breast Biopsy

It was August 6, 2018. Its biopsy day. I did what we all do and looked up the procedure online. Whoops! Now I’m like a little kid, scared of the doctor. My husband went with me to “hold my hand”. You see I am deathly afraid of needles. I hyperventilate and break into sweats. Many […]