A time for friends and family

October 27, 2018 Since my first chemo treatment the side effects were a bit overwhelming. You see it on others and television but nothing really prepares you for when it is you. You think you are strong, you can power through but your body very quickly lets you know what your real limitations are.

Today, I have made the decision its time to socialize. My white blood cell counts are too low to really go out. Not to mention my energy levels. I have told several friends and family I will light the fireplace and a bonfire outside. Come over as long as you aren’t sick.

My daughter and her husband provided a meal. My daughter can cook pretty good. My godmother and her husband brought Popeyes chicken as well. I was able to eat a little, just not very much. I think they all enjoyed it though. My best friend came, it was pretty therapeutic to just sit and chat with the people I love. I had isolated myself the past week just trying to get through the effects I was suffering. There were some who had colds and couldn’t come visit. They were very missed and maybe they can come next time,

The point to this is do not isolate yourself too much. Let your family and friends be there for you. Even though you have cancer, they are living with the disease as well. They love you. They care. And you deserve to be loved an cared for. Surround yourself with their love. I think it may be one of the best treatments available.

They were all aware that I would take myself to bed if I felt too exhausted. Surprisingly, the last thing I wanted to do was go back to bed. I had missed them all so much. I love them and thank them to the bottom of my heart for taking their evening to spend with me.



  1. We love you so much!!!!! We will go through this journey with you. You are the strongest woman that I know. Even when you were a little girl, you were strong not just for you but others. If u need anything and We mean anything you let us know. We will never leave your side. We love and pray for you every second of the day. šŸ’ŸšŸ’Ÿ


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