More side effects almost a month after final chemo

January 20, 2019


It’s only 5 days until I hit the one month mark since my final chemo treatment. However, as much as I wish I could say life is returning to normal that is not the case. I still have the neuropathy in my fingers and feet and not my feet have swollen more than an entire shoe size. When I spoke with the oncologist Friday they said to continue expecting possible side effects for AT LEAST a month after my final treatment! MY skin is peeling from the chemo rash and my blood sugar is still out of wack. 

If the cancer doesn’t kill you it seems like chemo will try its best. No matter. I am past the hump. I may still be exhausted and have new side effects, but I will continue to beat this.

I wish it was easier for people outside my body to understand what I am going through. Many think “Okay, you finished chemo, it’s all over” I wish that were true more than they do, believe me! 

The oncologist says it will be about a year before I feel like I did pre-chemo. I kind of feel like I do looking at the arrival time on my GPS. WANNA BET? Watch this! I am a stubborn and impatient person who if used to being active. Summer is coming and I love the outdoors. Watch me push this envelope and reclaim my life!

I go the 24th, this Thursday for the outpatient surgery to remove my port. I am ready to have it out of me. One more step closer. Many keep it a year or so to “be sure” Well, I am sure, I beat the cancer. I don’t need the port. Its uncomfortable and just another reminder I can live without.

I have been sending out resumes to try and find a job with comparative pay with health insurance to try to move forward with reconstruction. The health insurance we have through the healthcare exchange is a joke and will not pay. Or rather, they pay so little I would have to take a second mortgage on my home to pay for reconstruction. I have faith in my abilities. I am good at what I do for a living so I’m pretty confident I will find what I am looking for.

I’ll post an update after the port removal. I have had several port questions so I know some of you may like to know how that goes.

Love to you all! 

Remember to share the blog to help others beginning their own cancer journey. It helps when you have a clue what to expect.


  1. Michelle, we continue to keep you in our prayers. Cancer is the worst. People don’t understand unless it’s touched them it seems. Good luck on the job search. Please let us know where you go.

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