Surgery and Hospital Stay

January 11, 2020 to January 14, 2020

If you have followed my blog you are aware of what a DIEP Flap reconstruction is. However a simplified overview is that they will take my belly fat to build a new breast. That means no rejection, leakage or recalls. There is a change of flap failure is it doesn’t take and have good blood flow. That would mean a second surgery to remove the dead tissue and going back to the drawing board for a breast.

I am all alone due to hospital COVID restrictions. I’m scared and excireted.

All dressed up with important places to go. Security is about to take my belongings and secure them until I am coherent again. I say my prayers for God to keep a check on me and give my husband strength as well.

I LONG 6 hour pause where I am unaware of anything. And that’s probably a good thing.

Surgery is over. I am so drugged up and sore. The bandages and incisions look scary but there IS a breast. I am told everything went well. The photos are rough. Don’t scroll to see if you are queasy. There is no nipple so I do not think they violate any terms for nudity. Not to mention all the bandages.

I sit in the hospital bed, I must sleep mostly sitting up as I am unable to lay flat due to the abdomen incision. I await the discharge day and speak to my husband by phone. My view isn’t anything to brag about but not horrible either.

January 14, Today is the day! I get to go home. MY husband is awaiting my downstairs. I cannot wait to see him and get home to my family. I will provide updates on recovery later!

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